Annuel results

Annuel results of Canadien Kennel Club


Winners of the year 2017–Conformation

1- GCh. Neignuveaux King of the Road

2-GCh. Bleuzorange C Peawi Mystique

3-GCh. Neigenuveaux’s Gambit

4-Ch. Treabeard’s Barbetdeau Mirage

5-Ch. Neigenuveaux’s Mazaradi


Winners of the year 2017–Rally-O

Northrock’s Dance With Me

Winners of the year 2016


1. G. Ch Treebeard’s Jack Of All Trades

2.  G. Ch. Neigenuveaux King Of The Road

3. G. Ch. Flocon D’Paris of Neigenuveaux CGN

4. Ch. Barbochos Boris

5. G. Ch. Neigenuveaux’s Island Girl CGN


1. Ch. Courailee Callas Bleuzorange

2. Ch. Neigenuveaux’s Eleonore

3. G.Ch. Neigenuveaux’s Gambit