Points for a Canadian Championship (CKC)

How do we get points toward a Canadian Championship

o acquire a Canadian Championship is neither a coincedence nor the result of judges kindness. The title of Canadian Champion is gained by an accumulation of points. The number of points gained during a competition depends on the number of dogs (males /females) participating in an event and on the awards won during that event. Only dogs winning Winner’s male and Winner’s female for all classes can start earning points. A maximum of 5 points can be accumulated during a single competition. Those points may be won at the breed, group or Best in Show level. Nos points are awarded for a Best Puppy in Group or Best Puppy in Show.

Lets see an example; a dog that has won “Best in Show” which means it has won its class, won the breed, won the group (all breed in his group) and won the Best of all Groups…gets a total of 5 points.

A total of 10 points, given by three different judges, are necessary to obtain the title of Canadian Champion. A “Major” (a win of 2 points or more) is also mandatory to get a CKC Championship.

The designation of CKC Canadian Champion in conformation is a lot more than a beauty title. It shows that the title holder conforms to the standard of his breed by his physical attribute, his behaviour and his temperamment. This title confirms at a very high level that this dog represents his breed very well and that he has a temperamment to live with harmony with his human companion.