Conformation handling

The conformation is the presentation of a dog to evaluate its qualities and its defects. Conformation Lescompetitions are in fact to promote pure bred dogs and to preserve the official standard defined for each breed. Its appearance, its structure, its movements and temperament are indications of its qualities for a judgment. Dogs are therefore examined by a judge who determines how each topic compares to the dog approaching the more than the official standard of every breed. This standard describes the characteristics that allow the race to perform the function for which it was developed. Conformation handling is therefore the art of properly presenting the qualities of his dog.

The dog in competition must allow a judge, a perfect stranger for him, to examine and touch several parts of his body, including for example its dentition to verify the State and his testicles, if it’s a male. If the dog shows signs of nervousness or aggressiveness during this handling, it might be disqualified. Even if his physical appearance (beauty) represents great value, this beauty is not associated with a free temperament of aggression, hostility or excessive nervousness, this dog will not be able to get a title in conformation.