ObeissCallasAn obedience competition is a dog sport in which a dog must perfectly execute a set predefined tasks such as “sit”, “sunset”, “stay”, “come”, and “walk” when ordered to do so by his handler.

Training a dog to participate in obedience competitions increases the understanding of a dog and its reliability to meet the orders of the master database. During a competition, the dog and his master will perform various predefined obedience exercises that will be evaluated and rated by a judge. The dog must demonstrate its good ability of basis in order to receive a passing grade. For example, on a reminder, to receive a note perfect, the dog should come trotting and head directly to the handler, without sniffing around or from any side. He must sit in the front of the handler, not at an angle or side.

Obedience competitions are the perfect opportunity for a master and his dog to work as a team. Training in obedience competitions can meet the needs of mental stimulation and physical activities for a dog and also provide a great opportunity to have fun. Obedience can also become a nice pastime for the owner of the dog.