Club Barbet Canada and the National Specialty Committee wish to thank gratefully the sponsors of this great event. 

The breeders who have sponsored trophies : Rover Barbets Reg’d–Neigenuveaux’s Perm Reg’d–Roi De Thulé Reg’d–Courailee Reg’d–Treebeard Red’g–Barbevoix Red’g–Barbetdeau Red’g–Douxbarbu Red’g –Spitritrock Barbets Red’g –Astarte Kennel–Barbugaulois Red’g–Northrock Red’g.

The companies for their generous contribution : Fromm Dog Food –Clinique vétérinaire Maguire (Lucie Paradis) and LétournO(Chemin Ste-Foy).

A special thanks to Linda St-Hilaire, Director of Québec for the Canadian Kennel Club and the Société canine de Québec who have welcomed us in their show.

About the National Specialty

Details about Quebec's National Specialty held in August.

About the event

Raffle tickets

Congratulations to the winner of the painting from Diane Wyden, Ms Janet Black-Evans.

Speciality Winners

You will find all the winners of the national Speciality. Kindly given by Florence Erwin.